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Just a quick note about our Mission...

1. What is our mission? The primary mission of tzedaka.ORG is to publicize Jewish tzedaka projects and to have fun.

Maimonides wrote, "Even a poor person who lives entirely on tzedakah must also give tzedakah to another." (Mishnah Torah Chapter 7, Line 5)

Maimonides on Charity, Tzedakah, Righteousness, and Justice...

The RaMBaM, or Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, or Maimonides was raised in the town of Cordoba, in Moslem Spain in the 12th Century of the Common Era. In 1148, the city was conquered by the Almohads, a Moslem group that sought to convert all residents to traditional Islam. The family fled and settled in Fez, Morocco several years later, where Moshe studied Jewish law and Moslem medicine. The family then moved to what is now Cairo, Egypt (Fostat). It was in Egypt that Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, who was supported by his brother David, completed his Mishna Torah, 14 volumes of Codes of Jewish Law. David drowned during a business trip to India, devastating the family. Moshe therefore became a physician to support the extended family. He died in 1204 and is buried in Tiberias.

Among the Rambam's works was a treatise on Tzedaka

The Rambam identified EIGHT Levels of Charity, or doing justice. They are:

1. A person gives but is not happy when s/he digs into the pocket in order to give.

2. A person gives cheerfully, but gives less than s/he should.

3. A person gives, but only when asked by a poor person.

4. A person gives without having to be asked, but gives directly to the poor. The poor person knows he gave the help, and the giver knows who was benefited

5. A person gives a donation in a certain place, but walks away so that the giver does not know who received the benefit. The poor person knows the giver however.

6. A person makes a donation to a poor person secretly. The giver knows who was benefited, but the poor person does not know who the giver was.

7. A person contributes anonymously to the tzedakah fund which is then distributed to the poor.

8. The highest level of charity is to give money and help to prevent another person from becoming poor. For example, teaching a person a trade, finding them a job, lending money, teaching them to fish.




Hillel The Jewish presence on our campuses

United Jewish Communities (formerly UJA)

New Israel Fund

USA Jewish Federations

United Jewish Appeal (before name change)

Joint Distribution Committee/ HIAS / Rescue

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American Jewish World Service

Aleph Prisoner Relief

Hebrew Free Loan Society

Hebrew Free Burial Society

Dorot - NY

MAZON - A Jewish Response to Hunger

Lifeline for the Old in Israel / Yad Lakashish

Project Ezra in NYC

Project EZRA

Second Harvest

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Avodah: The Jewish Service Corps
Avodah, 443 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10016, Attn.: Rabbi David Rosenn, 212-545-7759, fax: 686-1353

National Jewish Center for Literacy

American Jewish Committee

American Jewish Congress

B'nai Brith

Anti Defamation League of B'nai Brith



Jewish War Veterans

JCRC - Jewish Community Relations Council

Jewish Equality and Justice

Jewish Scouting

Women's American ORT

American ORT

American Jewish Family and Childrens Agencies

Children's Mitzvah Network

The Giraffe Project - Stick Your Neck Out !

BottomLess Closet

Locks of Love - Wigs for needy bald kids



Jewish Funders Network, 15 East 26th Street, Suite 1038 New York, NY 10010

Kavod Tzedakah Collective

Ziv Tzedakah Collective - Danny Siegal's

Shefa Fund (Philadelphia)

Hatzolah, the ambulance people

Jewish National Fund, the tree and dam people, the trip to israel people

Abraham Fund people

Peace Now



Oxfam famine relief

Amnesty International

Gods Love, We Deliver

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Tzvi Aryeh Aids Foundation. Tzvi Aryeh AIDS Foundation, Inc. (a non-profit charitable organization) Box 150 Cathedral Station, New York, NY 10025 Telephone: (212) 866-6306

Los Angeles Jewish AIDS Services, Project Chicken Soup, Box 480241, Los Angeles, CA 90048 - Telephone: (323) 655-5330
Tomchei Shabbos Food Bank

The Alternative Spring Break

Habitat for Humanity

Swarthmore's Genocide Intervention Fund (GIF)


[names project card]

First Book

Accion International

New Community Corp.

Heifer International

BELL: Building Educated leaders for Life

TransFair USA

City Year

Pioneer Human Services

Rubicon Programs

Citizen Schools

College Summit

Teach for America

New Leaders for New Schools

Rare Conservation


jump Start

Room to Read

GRAMEEN Foundation USA MicroFinance

UNITUS Microfinance

Kick Start

PATH - health technology

Ecologic Finance

Taproot Foundation


Jewish Guild for the Blind, 15 West 65 Street, New York NY 10023, Telephone: (212) 769-6200. DID you know that the leading cause of blindness among Jewish men and women over the age of sixty is Macular Degeneration, for which there is no known cure.

Canavan Foundation

Fanconi Anemia

Gaucher Disease

United Leukodystrophy

National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association

Late Tay Sachs Onset Foundation

rccs cancer society, brooklyn

MPS - Muclolipiosis

Dystonia Med Research Foundation

Dystonia & Parkinsons / Bachman-Strauss

National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases, 250 Park Ave #1000, NYC 10177

National Niemann-Pick Foundation, 3734 East Olive Avenue, Gilbert AZ 85234

(we don't endorse 'em, we just list 'em)

Zero to Three
92nd Street Y - NYC
Israel Humanitarian Foundation
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, Inc
Philanthropy Journal
Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America
Islamic Society of North America


2164.Net 21/64 helps families plan for multigenerational philanthropics activities and wealth transfers. Visit their site for more information or for a download of "52 ways to take action."

Council on Foundations in Wash DC

Foundation Center, provides grantseekers with detailed profiles of up to 80,000 foundations and half a million grants.

Giving Forum: a network of 31 regional associations of grantmakers and its New Ventures in Philanthropy initiative

Learning to Give offers lesson plans, activities, and resources to educate youth about the power of philanthropy (sharing time, talent and treasure). Empower young people to make a difference in their school, their community and their world

Resource Generation is a national organization that works with young people with financial wealth who are supporting and challenging each other to effect progressive social change through the creative, responsible and strategic use of financial and other resources.

The Association of Small Foundations: the most popular membership association of philanthropists in the country. Here, members find common-sense advice that leads to greater enjoyment and success in their philanthropic activities. Staff and experts can answer your questions, and share ideas on grantmaking, building a board, managing investments, and much more.

Tides Foundation: Tides Foundation has worked with donors committed to positive social change. We put resources and people together--strengthening community-based nonprofit organizations and the progressive movement through innovative grantmaking download a copy of OMG! HOW GENERATION Y IS REDEFINING FAITH IN THE iPod ERA. Founded in 2003, Reboot is based in New York City as a nonprofit organization. Reboot Salons and local gatherings regularly take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Washington, DC, and other cities. Their goal is to develop the mechanisms and media that allow anyone anywhere to Reboot among themselves and their peers

Job Listings for jobs in philanthropies.

The site for all Not for profit managers - an Israeli site that maintains a database of 28,000 Israeli charities and their performances (12,000 of which offer tax deductions). Managed by Mr Eliezer D. Jaffee, a long standing investigator of Israeli not for profits and critic.

Tzedaka FAQ

Tzedaka Economics


JUST-TZEDAKAH.ORG - a fabulous site that everyone should visit before making a contribution to any Jewish group !! Excellent graphs that show the percentage spent on fund-raising. For example, did you know that The Eldridge Street Project spends 30% of its funds on fund-raising (not including Admin), Maccabi USA spent 30% on fundraising and 20% on salaries, or Hadassah spends 6% on fundraising, AF of Hebrew U spends 12%, Hillel 16%, Jewish Fund for Justice 14%, Wiesenthal 13%, Mazon 9%, NIF 9%, ZOA 9% (but over 35% on Admin).....yee-ha is a charity watchdog that maintains an online database of over 150,000 U.S. Charities and their IRS 990 forms which can inform you how much of your contribution goes into the leaders' pockets.... I mean, wouldn't you like to know if those donated cars actually get driven around by the charity's leaders??

According to IndependentSector.ORG, nearly 70% of all American households that donated in 2000 gave to religious organizations. These people gave an average of $1356. (I would rather know the median)

Based on a poll of 4216 adults in 2001, 89% said they gave to charity

Of those that said they gave to charity...
Gave to Religion 68% Average Gift $1,356
Gave to Youth Development 38% Average Gift $ 254
Gave to Human Services 39.3% Average Gift $ 337
Gave to Health 43% Average Gift $ 224
Gave to Education 33.8% Average Gift $ 508

Who Says There is No Business Like the Fund Raising Business??
Salaries (2001) of Philanthropy leaders. Source Chronicle of Phila, October 3, 2002

Salaries do not include benefits or bonuses
Name (title, group, group income in millions), salary in thousands(rounded)
Susan F. Dickman, EVP, Jewish Communal Fund, NY $214M $169K
John Hoover, VP for F&O, Jewish Communal Fund, NY $214M $142K
Stephen Hoffman, President, JCF of Cleveland, OH $ 90M $300K
Samuel Salkin, CEO, JCF of San Francisco etc, CA $100M $160K
Marvin Schotland, President, JCF of Los Angeles, CA $ 53M $225K
John Fishel, President, JFC of Greater Los Angeles, CA $ 75M $291K
Harold Goldman, President, J Fed of Philadelphia, PA $ 42M $250K
Jeffrey Klein, EVP, J Fed of Palm Beach County, FL $ 34M $260K
Harry Nadler, EVP, J Fed of South Palm Beach County, FL $ 51M $220K
Steven Nasatir, President, J Fed etc of Metro Chicago, IL $ 99M $289K
John Ruskay, EVP, UJA Fed of Jewish Philan. Of New York, NY $ 199M $329K
Stephen Solender, President, UJC, NY $ 366M $350K
Max Kleinman, EVP, United Jewish Federation of Metrowest, NJ $ 66M $246K
Robert Aronson, CEO, UJF and J Fed of Metro Detroit, MI $ 80M $345K
Darrell Friedman, President, The Associated, JCF of Baltimore, MD $ 73M $368K
Barry Shrage, President, Combined Jewish Phil. Of Gtr Boston, MA $ 72M $265K
Jacob Solomon, EVP, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, FL $ 39M $280K

Abraham Foxman, National Director, ADL, NY $ 78M $365K
Peter Wilner, Assoc National Director, ADL, NY $ 78M $248K
Reynold Levy, President, IRC-Intnl Rescue Committee, NY $156M $250K
Moshe Kaven, President, American Friends of Bar Ilan Univ, NY $193M $225K
Ellen Marson, Executive Director, Hadassah, NY $93M $153K
Millard Fuller, President, Habitat for Humanity Intnl, GA $689M $ 79K
Gil N. Schwartzberg, CEO, City of Hope, CA $314M $547K
Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center, CA $36M $403K (unusually high ratio of salary to income)
Abraham Cooper, Assoc Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center, CA $36M $312K

Name (title, group, group income), salary (rounded)
Edwin Fuelner, Jr., President, Heritage Foundation (DC) $ 27M $546K
Larence Small, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution (DC) $499M $433K
Paul LeClerc, President, NY Public Library (NY) $231M $300K
Philippe de Montebello, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) $762M $513K Larry Jones, President, Feed the Children, OK $457M $115K
Peter Bell, President, CARE USA (Atlanta), GA $423K $308K

Timothy Shriver, President, Special Olympics (DC) $206M $200K
Judith Vredenburgh, President, Big Brothers Big Sisters, PA $205M $215K
Roy Williams, Chief Scout, Boy Scouts of America, TX $726M $335K
Roxanne Spillet, President, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, GA $997M $368K
Marsha Johnson Evans, Nat. Exec Director, Girl Scouts of USA, NY $680M $310K

Ralph Dickerson, Jr., President, United Way of NYC, NY $133M $420K

William H Gray III, President, United Negro College Fund, $168M $389K
Ralph Dickerson, Jr., President, United Way of NYC, NY $133M $420K
Douglas E Wams, President, United Way of Tristate, NY $109M $287K
Brian Hassett, President, United Way of Phoenix, AZ $ 47M $235K
Norman O Taylor, President, United Way of Washington, DC $ 87M $220K
Steven Shapiro, Legal Director, ACLU, DC $ 44M $133K
Steven Shapiro, Legal Director, United Way of Washington, DC $ 44M $133K

Kenneth Gladish, CEO, YMCA of the USA (Chicago), IL $4,123M $364K
Margaret Tyndall, CEO, YWCA of the USA (New York), NY $ 645M $200K
Richard Stearns, President, World Vision (Federal Way), WA $528M $255K
Bernadine Healy, President, American Red Cross, DC $2,711M $519K
Joanne O'Rourke Hindman, EVP, American Red Cross, DC $2,711M $309K
Aryeh Neier, President, Open Society Institute, NY $135M $220K
J. John Stevenson, President, North Shore Animal League America, NY $ 27M $319K (the ratio of salary to income is unusually high for this group


According the the Chronicle of Philanthropy (9/23/99), salaries of top fund raising professionals are as follows:

Stephen Solender, UJA/Fed of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, $327K
Darrell Friedman, Associated JCF of Baltimore, $307K
Steven Nasatir, JF / JUF of Greater Chicagoland, $279K
Robert Aronson, UJF/Fed of Metro Motown Detroit, $251K
Howard Charish, JF of Greater Phillie, $250K
John Fishel, JFC of Greater LA, $247K
Jacob Solomon, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, $240K
Stephen Hoffman, Jewish Federation of Cleveland, $229K
Wayne Feinstein, JCF of San Fran, and environs, $225K
Jeffrey Klein, JF of Palm Beach County, $220K
Barry Shrage, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, $213K
David Samat, JF of Greater Atlanta, $195K
Ted Farber, JF of Greater Washington DC, $185K
Max Kleinman, UJF of MetroWest NJ, $183K
Spencer Gellert, JF of South Palm Beach County, $182K


Comparison to the Year 2000: According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's list of the top 400 Charities in the USA (October 27, 2005), the top Jewish recognized charities in the USA were:

#1. United Way of America, $3,884 Million
#2. Salvation Army, $1,545 Million
#3. Feed the Children, $ 888 Million
#4. American Cancer Society, $ 868 Million
#5. Americares Foundation, $ 800 Million
#6. YMCA, $ 773 Million
#7. Gifts In Kind International, $ 750 Million
#8. Lutheran Services IN America, $ 723 Million
#9. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, $ 683 Million
#10. Catholic charities USA, $ 580 Million
#11. American National Red Cross, $ 557 Million

#22. Campus Crusade for Christ, $ 382 Million
#23. St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Amer Lebanese Syrian Assoc. Charities, $ 375 Million
#24. Habitat for Humanity, $ 358 Million

#29. Boy Scouts of America, $ 296 Million
#32. NPR, $ 286 Million

#42. United Jewish Communities, NYC, $ 251 Million
#47. PBS, $ 235 Million
#55. Shriners, $ 212 Million
#59. March of Dimes, $ 202 Million
#60. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, $ 196 Million
#73. Care, $ 172 Million
#77. United Negro College Fund, $ 169 Million
#82. Jewish Communal Fund, NYC, $ 165 Million
#83. United Jewish Appeal, NYC, $ 165 Million
#87. Make a Wish, $ 154 Million
#114. Focus on the Family, $ 126 Million
#117. Save the Children, $ 124 Million
#128. Museum of Modern Art, $ 115 Million
#131. American Lung Association, $ 111 Million
#133. Jewish Federation of Chicago, $ 110 Million
#153. Jewish Community Foundation, Los Angeles, $ 98 Million
#161. American - Nicaraguan Foundation, Miami, $ 95 Million
#167. Doctors Without Borders USA, $ 91 Million
#177. Jewish Community Foundation, San Diego, $ 87 Million
#183. Hadassah, $ 84 Million
#192. Yeshiva University, $ 79 Million
#202. Jewish Community Federation, Cleveland, $ 76 Million
#215. Jewish Community Federation of SF / Bay, $ 70 Million
#229. PEF Israel Endowment Funds, NY, $ 65 Million
#237. UJF of Metro Detroit, $ 63 Million
#238. CJP of Greater Boston, $ 63 Million
#239. Brandeis, $ 61 Million
#242. Heifer Project International, $ 61 Million
#243. Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, $ 60 Million
#247. American Society for Technion, $ 60 Million
#277. Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, $ 52 Million
#292. UJC of Metrowest (NJ), $ 50 Million
#302. Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, $ 48 Million
#315. Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, $ 46 Million
#325. Intnl Fellowship of Christians and Jews, $ 44 Million
#357. American Jewish Committee, $ 40 Million
and more...

#7, United Jewish Communities
#53, United Jewish Appeal - Fed of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
#61. Jewish Communal Fund
#110, Jewish Federation/JUF of Metropolitan Chicago
#151, United Jewish Foundation and Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
#170. Hadassah, the WZOA
#175, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, The Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties
#188, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
#223, The Associated. Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Comparison to the Year 2000: According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's list of the top 400 Charities in the USA (November 2, 2000), the top Jewish recognized charities in the USA were:

#7, United Jewish Communities
#53, United Jewish Appeal - Fed of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
#61. Jewish Communal Fund
#110, Jewish Federation/JUF of Metropolitan Chicago
#151, United Jewish Foundation and Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
#170. Hadassah, the WZOA
#175, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, The Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties
#188, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
#223, The Associated. Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
#231, Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles
#248, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston
#254, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
#260. American Committee for the Weizmannn Institute of Science
#273. American Society for Technion
#277. ADL of Bnai Brith
#279. PEF. Israel Endowment Fund
#353, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County (FL)
#358. Jewish National Fund
#359. American Jewish Committee
#376. United State Holocaust Memorial Museum
#394, Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Okay, okay, so you want to know numbers and comparisons...

Key: Rank, Name, Private Support; Total Income; Expenses as a % of PS, % of TI.

1. Salvation Army; $1.3 billion private support; $2.7 billion income; Expenses were 5.9% of private support and 3% of total income

2. YMCA of the USA; $693 million private support; $3.6 billion income; Exp 8.2% of private support and 1.6% of total income

3. American Red Cross; $676 million PS; $2.4 billion income; Exp 13.1% and 3.7%
4. American Cancer Society; $620 million PS; $672 million income; Exp 20.8%, 19.2%

5. Fidelity Investments; $573 Million; $670 Million; Exp 1% and 0.9%

6. Lutheran Services; $559 Million; $3.6 Billion; Exp 2.8% and 0.4%
7. UJC; $524 Million; $533 Million; Exp 6.2% and 6.1%
8. America Second Harvest; $471 Million; $474 Million; Exp 0.4% and 0.4%
9. Habitat for Humanity; $466 Million; $466 Million; Exp 7% and 7%
10. Harvard; $451 Million; $2.8 Billion; Exp 9.4% and 1.5%
11. catholic charities; $446 Million; $2.3 Billion; Exp 4.7% and 0.9%
12. Nature Conservancy; $403 Million; $704 Million; Exp 10.1% and 5.8%
17. World Vision; $331 Million; $408 Million; Exp 14.8% and 12%
21. Larry Jones Ministry/Feed the Children; $312 Million; $314 Million; Exp 7% and 7%
23. Boy Scouts; $273 Million; $646 Million; Exp 14.9% and 6.3%
25. Americares; $267 Million; $268 Million; Exp 1.2% and 1.2%
27. Goodwill; $262 Million; $1.6 BILLION; Exp 2.9% and 0.5%
41. PBS; $181 Million; $421 Million; Exp 0.3% and 0.1%
53. UJA of NY; 156 Million; $204 Million; 17.8%; 13.6%
67. Special Olympics; $140 Million, $182 Million; 23.8%; 18.3%
69. national Easter Seals; $138 Million; $543 Million; $28.6% and 7.3%
103. Billy Graham; $102 Million, $120 Million; 7.3%; 6.2%
104. DISABLED American Veterans; $101 Million; $122 Million; 30.8% AND 25.5%
110. Jewish Fed of Chicago; $97 Million; $131 Million; 8.8% and 6.5%
113. Convenant House; 94 Million; 115 Million; 22.1% and 18%
170. Hadassah; 68 Million; $123 Million; 8.4%; 4.5%
175. Jewish Fed of SF; 65 Million; $88 Million; 3.4%; 2.5%
188. Jewish Fed of Phila; 62 Million; $78 Million; 6.9; 5.5%
208. NY Public Library; 54 Million; $233 Million; 8.8%; 2.1%
222. Volunteers of America; 52 Million; $490 Million; 18.6%; 2%
223. Jewish Fed of Baltimore; 52 Million; $61 Million; 6.4%; 5.4%
231. Jewish Fed of Los Angeles; 50 Million; $58 Million; 12.9%; 11.0%
248. Jewish Fed of Boston; 44 Million; $55 Million; 11.4%; 9.1%
254. Jewish Fed of Cleveland; 43 Million; $95 Million; 8.7%; 3.9%
267. ADL; $38 Million; $40 Million; 19.4%; 18.3%

What about Philanthropy in Israel? 77 percent of adult Israeli Jews made a charitable contribution gift in 1997 according to research conducted at ben Gurion University. But sixty percent of the contributors gave less than 0.5% of their incomes to charities of all kinds, including religious ones. Therefore, a donor earning $20,000 in 1997 would have contributed less than $100. Commenattors have written that Israelis will give when appealed to, but there is not a tradition of active giving in which donors form a partnership with the organization. Recently, in 1998, The Spirit of Israel was founded by MP Avraham Burg and Joe Dushansky. It is a charity based on the Jewish federation model. There is also Matan. In 1998, the Spirit of Israel raised $5.75 Million from 75,000 donors in Israel. Half the money was allocated to the Jewish Agency, and half the money was allocated to 250 organizations directly. Matan is affiliated with United Way International. Most of the solicitations are done in the workplace through workplace giving (I gave at the Israeli office). The government may consider giving a bigger tax break for charitable contributions (currently $500,000 for a business; or you may reduce your personal income by 35% of the donation.

Biggest Givers in the USA, 2000

1. Bill and Melinda Gates, 5,000 Million, foundation
2. Eli and Edythe Broad, $137 Million, foundation
3. Jon Huntsman, $125 Million, to University of Utah
4. Dora Donner Ide, $111 Million, bequest to 29 organizations
5. James and Sally Barksdale, $100 Million, University of Mississippi
6. Kenneth Behring, $89 Million, to Smithsonian
7. Jean Jessup harvey, $80 Million, funds
8. Charles Ted Bauer, $65 Million
9. Frank and Wynnette Levinson, $65 Million
10. Frank Batten Sr, $60 Million
11. John Kluge, $60 Million
28. Louis Edelstein, $30 Million, bequests including Hadassah and Jerusalem Fdtn
29. Family of Edmond Safra, $30 million, to Hebrew University
45. Carl and Ruth Shapiro; $22 Million, to Brandeis University


Speaking of Jewish charities in the USA, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's list of the top 400 Charities in the USA (November 4, 1999), 27 of the top 400 are "Jewish". Among them are:

#44, UJA-Federation of New York, with about $157 million in new funds, and total income of $202.6 million
#55, Jewish Communal Fund of the UJA Fed of NY (Total income of $168 million)
#133, Hadassah (Women's Zionist Organization of America), $74 million.
#224, The American Society for Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology.
#236. Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles.
#264, American Friends of the Hebrew University
#334, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, $32 million
#347, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
#351, P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
#359, the American Jewish Committee

As for the leaders.....

1. The Salvation Army (all those Santas) $1.2 BILLION, 6.3% used on fundraising
2. YMCA of USA (Chicago), $629 Million, 7.6%
3. Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, $572 million, under 1%
4. The American Cancer Society $556.2-million, 19.9% on fundraising
5. The American Red Cross $543.3-million, 13.5%
6. Harvard University $462.8-million, 8.5%
7. Catholic Charities USA, $446.3-million, 4.7%
8. Boys & Girls Clubs of America $430.7-million, 6.9%
9. Emory University $423-million, 2.3%
10. America's Second Harvest $392.4-million (but in food donations), 0.2% (but skewed due to food value)

11. American Heart Association, $325.9 Million, 14.6%
12. Stanford University, $312 Million, 8%
13. World Vision, $297 Million, 13.3%
14. Nature Conservancy, $289 Million, 11.6%
15. Gifts in Kind International, $288 Million, 0%
16. Partners HealthCare System, $277 Million, n/a%
17. Boy Scouts of America, $269 Million, 14.3%
18. Columbia University, $267 Million, 3.7%
19. Campus Crusade for Christ Intnl, $264 Million, 8.5%
20. Duke University, $254 Million, 7.8%

21. Cornell University, $253 Million, 7.8%
22. Shriners Hospitals for Children, $249 Million, 1.0%
23. Habitat for Humanity, $233 Million, 11.2%
24. University of Wisconsin, $230 Million, 2.0%
25. Public Broadcasting Service, $224.9 Million, 0.2%

28. St Judes Childrens Hospitals, $213 Million, 16.3%
29. Larry Jones Intnl Ministies/Feed the Children, $201 Million, 6.5%

31, Americares, $196 Million, 1.5%
41, Goodwill Industries, $166 Million, 4.3%
43, Lutheran Services of America, $159 Million, 17.6%

44, UJA-Federation of New York, $156.9 Million, 14.3%

45, YWCA of USA, $156 Million, 7.4%
49, US Committee for UNICEF, $148 Million, 6%
54, Planned Parenthood Fed of Amer., $139 Million, 20%
55, Jewish Communal Fund (NY), $137 Million, 0.1%
56, American Lung Association, $136 Million, 14.9%
57, Trinity Broadcasting, $135 Million, 9.9%
66, Feed the Poor, $124.7 Million, 6.3%
70. United Negro College Fund, $122 million (up 58%), 9.5%
72, Big Brothers Big Sisters, $121 Million, 9.5%
79, Christian Broadcasting Network, $110 Million, 18.8%
79, WGBH TV (Boston), $108 Million, 10.9%
90, Wycliffe Bible Traslators, $97 Million, 4.7% Who knew?
91, Metropolitan Museum of Art, $95 Million, 5.5%

92, Jewish Federation of Chicago, $95 Million, 7.3%

103, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, $88 Million, 6.4%
105, Covenant House, $85 Million, 21.4%
107, WNET/Educ. TV (NYC), $84 Million, 18.3% (all those pledge drives)
124, Father Flanagan Boys Town, $76 Million, 14.6%
133, Hadassah, $74 million, 7%
139, Jewish Community Fed or SF Area, $71 million, 3.5%
141, Alzheimers Disease...Assoc, $70 million, 18.4%
142, Ducks Unlimited, $69 million, 23%
155, Jewish Fed of Metro Detroit, $65 Million, 4%
160. City of Hope, $63.7 Million, 26.7%
165. Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, $61 Million, 5.2%

176. Combined Jewish Phil. Of Greater Boston, $57 Million, 8.2%

193. Yeshiva University, $53 Million, 12.9%

165. Save the Children, $50.8 Million, 31.7% WOW!!
208. CARE USA, $48.6 Million, 31.6% WOW ALSO

219. The Associated Jewish Comm. Fed of Baltimore, $44.7 Million, 7.8%
224. American Society for Technion, $44 Million, 15.3%
225. ADL of Bnai Brith, $43.9 Million, 22.2% Hmmmmmm
236. Jewish Federation of Gtr Los Angeles, $41.4 Million, 14.1%
238. Brandeis Univeristy, $41 Million, 19%
239. KCET TV, $40.9 Million, 23.4% (multiple pledge breaks)
242. Jewish Federation of Philadelphia, $39.8 Million, 11%

258. Promise Keepers, $36.5 Million, 16.2%
264. American Friends of Hebrew University, $36 Million, 18.5%
281. Jewish Federation of Atlanta, $34.4 Million, 5.6%
285. United Jewish Federation of MetroWest (NJ), $33.5 Million, 9.7%
297. American Committee for Weizmann Inst Sci, $31.8 Million, 20.2%
301. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, $31.2 Million, 16.2%
313. KQED TV, $29.9 Million, 30.8% WOW
315. Jewish National Fund, $29.9 Million, 35.8% EEEEK!
322. US Holocaust Memorial Museum, $29.3 Million, 26.3% No Biz like Shoah Biz
334. Jewish Federation of Greater Wash DC, $27.8 Million, 6.6%
347. Jewish Theological Seminary of America, $27 Million, 14.2%
351. PEF Israel Endowment Fund, $26.8 Million, 0%
357. Jewish Fed of South Palm Beach FL, $26.5 Million, 12.1%
358. Greater Miami Jewish Fed., $26.4 Million, 10%
359. American Jewish Committee, $26.4 Million, 10.3%
380. Amnesty International USA, $23.9 Million, 12.8%
384. Jewish Federation of Palm Beach Cnty FL., $23.7 Million, 10.1%
392. National Public Radio, $22.7 Million, 9.6%
400. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, $22.2 Million, 14.7%
168. United Way of Tri-State NY, $60 Million, 6.5%
197. United Way of NYC, $51.7 Million, 21%
251. United Way of King County (Seattle)
357. The Seattle Symphony (No. 357), $26.6-million (Seattle is awash in stock options, baby)
80. Catholic Relief Services, (they raised $21 million just for Hurricane Mitch relief)
389. The Bible League, $23-million
131, United Way of Central Indiana
102, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas


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